These core beliefs function as our guiding principles for serving clients and making decisions.



We believe in the Einstein principle, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." By streamlining workflow and investing in breakthrough technologies, we eliminate pains and inefficiencies for our clients.



We believe that remarkable client service begins with listening - we dive deep into understanding the issues that you face. We also care about the communities in which we work, treating all stakeholders with dignity, respect and kindness.



We believe that continuous improvement and love for keeping the "start-up spirit" alive enables us to evolve, adapt and reinvent our systems and ourselves to the benefit of the clients who we serve.

How We Work

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Our first client came to us in 2015 with a significant recurring process service need. We devised the best long-term strategy to meet the need and built a business around it. From the beginning, client needs have been our primary focus.

The model is simple by design, and it starts with people. Our AI technology and "lean" business model enable us to pay our process servers more. As a result, we attract and keep the best.

We don't have a grow-at-all-costs mentality. Instead, we strive to create a superior experience for a select group of clients. Integ can help you find ways to raise your key performance metrics, boost revenue and ROI, and eliminate pains and inefficiencies characteristic of conventional process servers. You will like our people, our standards, and our results.

With twenty dedicated team members and a collective 100+ years of relevant legal industry experience, our clients have made Integ the go-to process server in East Tennessee for law firms and agencies involved in collections litigation.